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Health Background

Cardiac (heart) diseases and cancers are the leading causes of death in Western civilization. Prevention is better than cure, therefore, every effort must be made to get a health screen according to the recommendations below: Please PRINT a copy today!!
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what health test should I ask my doctor for? Blood pressure, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c sugar test, BMI body mass index, mammogram, colon screening, psa prostate test
leading causes of death in New York state
Causes of death in trinidad and tobago, ncd, cancer, heart disease
leading cause of death in USA
matters of your heart, heart disease american heart association, leading cause of death in usa, facts
leading cause of death in women heart disease, risk factors
hgba1c and complications of diabetes BMJ british medical journal
cancer deaths relative to other cancers, lung cancer more than other cancer deaths
this is what a heart attack feels like in a woman vs a man
typical risk factors for heart disease in the USA americans obesity, physical inactivity, high blood pressure
hemoglobin A1c and glucose levels
diabetes and heart disease abcs
causes of why people are on hemodialysis in the usa
calculate your BMI chart overweight vs obese vs extreme obesity
your plate breakfast and lunch
my plate planner example
my plate choose fruits vegetables protein and grains health
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